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Another Novel by Dr. Melissa Caudle

NEVER STOP RUNNING is a novel based on one woman's experiences as she went under regression hypnotherapy, with a international regression hypnotherapist, to recall memories after a wreck left her with amnesia. What she recalled, were past lives, with so many details about places she'd never been or things that were impossible to make up. Her mental time travel journey takes her across centuries. This is a fascinating story. I am already on chapter 10, with the complete outline and plot points that will take me to about seven more chapters. So, stay tuned on the development of this one as well.  

Expected Publication Date

The projected publication date is December 13, 2018 just in time for Christmas. The date is also important to me as it is my parent's wedding anniversary. The beautiful cover model for the book is my mother, Helen Virgina Ray and was taken in Mexico in 1954.

Based off a Real Story

This novel is based off a true story of a woman's regression sessions with a world famous regression hypnotherapist. I wrote the screenplay version several years ago and decided after writing THE KEYSTROKE KILLER, I would eventually convert all of my screenplays into novels.

Stephen Beal


It is with great excitement to announce that Stephen Beal, cast member of The Keystroke Killer was released from jail and all charges have been dropped. I made it known early in the investigation that I believed he was innocent and he would be vindicated. Our justice system worked.

I spoke with Stephen this morning and he is in good spirits and is very glad to be home. He told me that after he was arrested by the FBI he believed that they wouldn't find anything because he was innocent and has nothing to hide.  He is going to try to find the silver lining in this and put his life back together. 

I personally want to thank the KSK members for their support for Stephen.


The KSK Family

Official Response from Dr. Mel on Stephen Beal

The KSK Family  recieved a wake-up call this week when Stephen Beal,  a cast member and our friend, was arrested by the FBI  on charges for having unregistered explosive material in his home after his ex-girlfriend opened a box with a bomb in it that killed her.  Stephen owned part of that business; which immediately connected him to her.  In fact, he called the authorities to have them search his home.

At the time of Stephen's arrest, I was on a Mother's Day cruise with my mom and two sisters.  So, I was off grid.  When I finally received cell service, my phone started vibrating with message after message, not only from KSK members, but also news stations from Los Angeles to New York. When, I heard what had happened, I personally was shocked, because I know Stephen personally and consider him a great friend.  In fact, he was very helpful to me and my daughter, after my brother died, and I was diagnosed with oral cancer.  He called me several times a week to help me with my grief and listened to me.  I will always be eternally grateful to him and support him now through this situation.

Additionally, having a daughter living in Los Angeles with the rest of our family in New Orleans, Stephen took my daughter under his wing and invited her and her husband to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and other gatherings at his house.  He looked after her for me.  They remain as friends.  And, I might add that I was asked by authorities and reporters if I thought Stephen was capable of bombing a building or killing someone, I responded, "Do you think for one instant if I thought Stephen Beal was capable of killing someone I would allow my daughter near him much less my sisters and myself?"

I believe in innocent before being condemned guilty and believe that our justice system will prevail and Stephen will be vindicated.   I don't believe that Stephen would kill somebody, much less blow up a building.   Therefore, KSK Members, please let the justice system do what it is designed to do and not judge him from the media exposure.

And, now to answer questions I am being asked about Stephen Beal:

1.  Yes, I know Stephen Beal and respect him as he is a very kind, gentle, and caring man with a heart of gold.  I don't believe he is capable of killing someone.  Again, I believe in our justice system and that Stephen is innocent until prove guilty in a court of law and not judged by the media fanfare.  I honestly believe he will be vindicated.  And, I want to remind the public that Stephen has not been charged with murder or a bombing.

2.  Yes, I knew he had a previous wife that died; and, during the time Stephen was helping me through my grief, dealing with someone I loved very much who died of cancer, he often spoke of his own depression after the loss his wife.  He expressed to me how much he loved her and how devastated he was after her death.

3.  No.  I did not type-cast Stephen Beal into the role of Professor Faust, in The Keystroke Killer, because he was a rocket enthusiast.  The casting team chose him for the role because of his audition.  At the time, we had no knowledge of his hobby.   May I add, the character is not the man.  Just because Professor Faust developed a weapon of mass destruction, I did not cast Stephen into this role because of his hobby of building rockets.  This is a coincidence. Furthermore, the character he portrayed in A.D.A.M. is Professor Peterson, a scientist and is one of the good guys.

4.  No.  Stephen Beal did not have access to or read the 67 scripts I created and wrote for the unoptioned television series, The Keystroke Killer, and never read them.  The only thing he had access to was the parts of the script for his auditions, he auditioned for more than one role, or the other audition lines available to everyone.  Furthermore, Stephen Beal did not receive a copy of The Keystroke Killer: Part I Transcendence.   My novel is not due to go public until sometime in June or July depending on the editing process after the four rounds of the focus group input.

5.  No, I will not send media representatives a FREE copy of The Keystroke Killer:  Part I Transcendence before it is made public.  No one will be given a copy unless they are a member of the KSK Focus Group or the proof editors.  Sorry, I don 't want my novel out there before it is published.  But, thank you for your interest.  For updates on the release date subscribe to my newsletter.

6.  All media inquiries please contact me through my contact page here on my website or email me at drmelcaudle@gmail.com.


Dr. Melissa Caudle

The Keystroke Killer Novel to be Released in the Summer of 2018

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