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First and foremost, welcome to my site where you will discover all things about who I am and what I do. 

Don't get confused, by the variety of my  pages, as I am an author,; screenwriter, film producer, artist, and musician.  I hope you enjoy what you will discover about me.

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Round One Proof Reading

KSK Focus Group One Results

Wow!  Reading the firstprinted draft was exciting as four different people began to give me feedback on KSK Transcendence.  What a ride.  The first group consisted of Helen Ray, Janis Ray, Robby Cook Stroud, and Tina Rubin.  All four gave me great feedback, made suggesstions, and corrected several of my silly mistakes.  They each have had the book for seven days.  Helen was the first to finish reading and I have already made the changes she suggested.  Funny thing, Helen, Robby, and I argued over the use of the word 'Smelt' and whether it was correct to use it.  But, after an extensive search of the word, if I lived in England, it would be correct.  But, over here on this side of the pond it is 'Smelled."  See how much fun we are having.

Robby, having been with me over the years was shocked with the novel.  In a good way.  She could not believe how all these characters came together and the storyline.  She thought she knew KSK, but she didn't.  Yea.  I surprised her.

Tina can't get over it either.  Having sat at my side many hours at my computer with me, she knew lots of details and secrets.  But, it was all jumbled in her head because she may come one day and I am working on chapter 35.  Then, the next a different chapter.  She was just excited that she finally got to put it all together.

So, my next step is to look at their suggestions, make the changes, and then print of four more copies for the Group 2 Focus group.  So, Group 2, be alert.  I will be asking for your address shortly to send you the copy.  I am so excited to listen to your feedback.


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