Never Stop Running


NEVER STOP RUNNING debuted as the #1 seller on Amazon on the first day of release and has remained on the top.

The Keystroke Killer Trailer

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"Brillant. Kept me on the edge of my seat. Full of twists and turns and totally surprising." Kathy Rabb Kittock

"From start to finish it was riveting. A masterpiece."Monica Stellar

"A saga like no other. A must read." Erin Cadiere - No Regret Apparal.


"Full of shocking twists, turns and flips that will blow your mind, and have you turning the page begging for more." Jeffrey Jordan, SAG Actor

“An electrifying debut with unexpected turns and twists.” Robby Cook Stroud, Literary Agent

“A haunting twisted tale.” Tina Rubin, Actor

“Truly wicked and powerful. A page turner.” Rockin Dopsie Jr., Grammy Nominated Zydeco Musician

“Makes Fifty Shades of Grey and Silence of the Lambs look PG.” Kelly Cheatem, Realtor

“I couldn’t put it down. Excellent and powerful.” – Mark Steadfast, Producer

“A saga unlike any other. A must read.” – Bryan Dankworth, Artist

The Keystroke Killer Book Trailer

Check out this great video. It is the first book trailer for The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence.

The Keystroke Killer Book Trailer 2

Check out this great video for the book trailer for THE KEYSTROKE KILLER.

Never Stop Running (Book Trailer 1)

Based on a true story of one woman's past lives recovered from regression hypnotherapy.


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