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"Where the Mind Wonders" is a fantistic book or poetry.

A poetry book by Jamie Alyson

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ONE STEP AT A TIME: I Survived One of the Most Dangerious Hurricanes

One Step at a Time.

This is an amazing account of Liz's ordeal through Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It is impactful and reads like a live action movie. It has wonderful healing power as she unveils her faith in God and the mercy he showed. It is a one of the best books to read as is available in Amazon books and right here in my book club.

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Get your taste buds ready for this one of a kind cookbook by my very dear friend Gypsie Elise. The book is filled with mouth-watering recipes that you'll want to try.

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LOVE AND BULLETS: A comedy with a body count

Written by Jeffrey Gentile, this read is just simply funny. You'll want to read it.  When a nightclub entertainer and a gangster take a battered teenager into their home and hearts, they become a family as real as any bound by blood, and “bringing up baby” gets a whole new meaning.

There’s nothing unusual about the family living on Aberdeen Street. They’re just like every other family. They share meals and chores, watch television together, celebrate special occasions, and look after each other. They’re the kind of family Norman Rockwell would paint if he were still alive – and doing acid.

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A cat-and-mouse chase between a private investigator and a ruthless serial killer. Full of twists and turns. You won't want to put it down. 

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A remarkable book by Jeffrey Gentile and Michael Gentile, Jr. Based on a true story.  A Family Memoir takes an acid trip down memory lane as brothers Jeffrey and Michael Gentile, Jr. discover a parallel world hidden behind a suburban façade. For them, "The Wonder Years" collides with "The Sopranos." Mobsters come to dinner, contract hits come with warning notices, and thieves deliver merchandise and people. How does something like that happen to an ordinary family?