Set in the future, 2058, Matthew, chases a serial killer where he gets thrown into a world controlled by an entity from the fourth dimension.  A science fiction story that seems more possible than not.


 A step-by-step approach that guides reality show producers and creators on how to write effective pitch packets and business plans for reality shows. This book features information and details on every aspect of a reality show business plan including the executive summary, logline and synopsis, episode breakdowns, marketing, distribution and budgeting. This book is a must for all creators and producers of reality shows. 


This is the workbook that goes with the book "The Reality of Reality TV: Reality Show Business Plans" written by reality show producer and creator Dr. Melissa Caudle which assists readers in completing the practical application portions with ease. It is part of a series of books on creating reality shows. 


With the new technology available for independent filmmakers it opens a wide margin for us to produce films with a million dollar look to them. This still requires funding. However, funding doesn't have to be found in traditional means. You can be in control of your project. "Funding for Low-Budget Films: Keep the Fun in Fundraising," offers filmmakers a variety of fundraising alternatives that are creative, fun, and effective. With 150 fundraising events to choose from and tips on wriiting a business plan, this book is on target for independent filmmakers. A must have in a producer's and director's library. The best resource tool on the market for filmmakers who want to raise money to produce their film. Keep the fun in fundraising. 


 150 Ways to Fund a Reality Show book provides reality show producers proven fundraising methods to obtain fudning for reality shows. It is a must have book. 


Are you an actor? Have you been getting callbacks and cast in the role you want? There could be several reasons for not getting the "Thumbs Up!" by casting directors. Don't make costly audition mistakes that keep you from landing the role of your dreams. Learn how to avoid the "Seven Deadly Sins" actors make during auditions. Learn the value of "The Actor's Wheel" to move your career to the next level. Learn the right and wrong way to introduce yourself to a casting director. All of this and more are found in this book. With 13 chapters of insightful information from actors, Dr. Melissa Caudle, co-owner of LACA NOLA Talent Group, brings to the actor practical information. If you are serious about being a professional actor in Hollywood, then you must read this book. It is your number one resource for your auditions. 

How to Write a Logline

The one-sentence logline is one of the most important sentences you will write along with your screenplay. Learn how to write effective loglines for your screenplay, business plan, reality show, EPK package, and DVD jacket cover. This is the most comprehensive book available for logline development and includes dozens of examples. A must have book for screenwriters and reality show creators. This book uses the cult classic screenplay "The Keystroke Killer," to develop a screenwriter's skill in logline creation.  One book from Dr. Mel's series on Film production and reality TV.

Just Beat it!

 Learning to write a screenplay can be cumbersome. However, Dr. Melissa Caudle helps screenwriters to create a beat sheet in order to develop a screenplay. Using the instant cult classic "The Keystroke Killer," as the basic screenplay, Caudle takes the reader from the beginning to the end of a beat sheet. Also included are beat sheet forms for a short film, feature film, and a one-hour episodic television series. It is the same beat sheet that the creator and a team of screenwriters use to develop the television series "The Keystroke Killer." This book is part of the series of quick guidebooks written by Dr. Melissa Caudle. 

How to create a One Pager

 One of the must have marketing tools for screenwriters is the one pager used as your calling card to managers, agents, producers, and Hollywood Insiders. This book is the most comprehensive book on creating an one pager, also known as a one sheet or sell sheet, on the market. Written by Dr. Melissa Caudle, the author of numerous screenwriting and creating reality shows books, it is a must have for screenwriters 

How to Write a Synopsis

 Having a synopsis for your screenplay is one of the essential marketing tools a screenwriter uses to obtain an agent, manager, or producer. Learning to write an effective synopsis is often cumbersome and a screenwriter is thrown to wolves. The book also contains information on developing a beat sheet. With this book, you no longer have to guess on how to write a synopsis or how to format it. Dr. Melissa Caudle, producer and screenwriter, provides a comprehensive look on developing a synopsis. Included in the book is the cult classic short THE KEYSTROKE KILLER. This is book three in a four-part book series for screenwriters. Reality show creators will find it useful too. Learn from the best. A must have for your screenwriting resource library. 

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Never Stop Running

From the Author of The Keystroke Killer

Never Stop Running

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Based of a true account of one woman's journey.

This is more than a thriller

Jackie Hennessey experiences mental time travel over several centuries as recalls her past lifes after seeking the assistance of Dr. Grayson, an international regression hypnotist challenging her religious convictions.

Never Stop Running

The first novel about past life events through regression hypnosis. Based off a true story of one woman's amazing mental time travel through centuries with one of the moste famous regression hypnotherapists in the world. COMING THE WINTER OF 2018

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 An adult coloring book featuring abstract faces from artist Melissa Caudle. The colorist is encouraged to use their unique style, whether it be dots, zendangles, or tangles. The goal is to simply relax and have fun with no rules. 


 Abstract Faces Vol 2 is the second book in the art collection of New Orleans artist, Melissa Caudle. Her unique style combines Cubism, abstract, and futurism in all of her drawings for her adult coloring books. 


ABSTRACT FACES VOL 3 is a wonderful addition to the collection created by New Orleans artist Melissa

 ABSTRACT FACES VOL 3 is a wonderful addition to the collection created by New Orleans artist Melissa Caudle. Twenty images were designed and carefully selected by the artist for your enjoyment as a colorist. If you love abstract art, Cubism, and futuristic art, then this is the adult coloring book for you. Join the artist and 1,000s of others in this coloring journey. 


 Abstract Faces Vol 4 contains 25 drawings of abstract faces in the style of cubism and futuristic. Some even say several of the faces are fanciful, whimsical, and pretty. Printed on one-side, each drawing can be easily be removed and ready for framing. Join in the fun of adult coloring books with this book by artist, Melissa Caudle. 


 A collection of 30 Cubism face drawings by New Orleans artist Melissa Caudle. Taking her inspiration from Picasso, the drawings in this book is bound to get your abstract coloring juices flowing in a creative world of no rules. Simply engage and have fun in an Cubism world of faces. Gives fanciful and zen dangle faces a new meaning. 


Dare to go to the unknown and meet aliens from undiscovered universes. ALIEN FACES is an abstract adult coloring book for colorists who also love space, alien creatures, and science fiction. Join artist, Melissa Caudle in a journey of coloring aliens. Grab your favorite pencils or markers and get ready to blast off. 



Written by Liz Ashe Havrilla, this is a riveting account of one woman's survival during the most dangerous and deadly hurricanes. The book reads like an action-packed thriller and keeps you on the edge of your seat. This book is for any one suffering from a tragic loss, grieving, inflicted with illness, and addictions. There is a way to survive and there is hope. Read this book and allow your journey to hope and healing begin in your life.


Written by c. David Reploge

Available on  Amazon

Julie and Anthony were finishing high school; they planned to go to college and then get married. They never expected to find themselves in the middle of a military cover-up about a crashed spacecraft and alien survivors. These human-like creatures were dubbed the “Intergalactic Species,” by top secret officials. This designation in documentation was abbreviated to “Ingalics” and the slang, “Angelics,” was adopted by the military personnel involved. The Angelics is a novel that uses real and imagined places, real and imagined events and unique scientific technical ideas that NASA will surely want to investigate. How did life begin? Is there life after death? These questions have no definitive answers, but Julie discovers shocking solutions when she meets the Angelics. Julie and Anthony find out the truth to life. Be careful when reading about it—you may find it, too!


Written by MIchael L. Ragsdale

Deep under Congressman Robertsa diamond mines in South Africa, an international organization constructs an offensive laser system named MIRACL. All goes according to strategic military plans until Jessica, the wife of the CIA director, overhears the plans for a new world order. Jessica is framed for the murder of her husband and sentenced to the gas chamber. Her young attorney fights to have the conviction overturned on the grounds of a new law that applies to abused women.

Currently Not Available

Dreamweaver: The 9/11 Conspiracey

Written by Michael L. Ragsdale

The 9/11 World Trade Center terrorist attack, skyrocketing gas prices, and escalating Middle East and Chinese tensions have caused spiraling international turmoil. Jessica Johnson, recently acquitted for the murder of her husband, the CIA director, stumbles onto Congressman Roberts’ international conspiracy to form a New World Order. Jessica overcomes insurmountable obstacles to stop this international conspiracy.


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